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Waseda University Alumni Association, so-called 'Koyukai'(校友会), was established back in 1885, and is a 600,000-member organization now.


In the meantime, some 1,300 local alumni groups named 'Tomonkai'(稲門会) have been voluntarily organized not only everywhere in Japan but also in many overseas locations, and mostly registered with Waseda University Alumni Association. 


Sagamihara Tomonkai was thus organized in 1984 as one of sub-chapters of Kanagawa chapter. It's growing with Sagamihara City, one of the 20 major cities designated by the Japanese government since 2010. 

Sagamihara Tomonkai

in action

Cheerleader squad dancing at an annual general meeting

Proudly singing our alma mater to break up a summer party

Yelling for our Big Bears at an annual Waseda-Keio game

A guest from JAXA giving a lecture on real rocket science

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If you are a graduate or current student of Waseda University, AND have a work place and/or a residence  in or around Sagamihara City, please feel free to contact us either for new membership registration or for more information via the following form:

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